Config as Code + Add a new param to a step template with no default leaves me stuck

We are using Octopus version 2022.2.8011 in an on-prem HA configuration. In a project that is Config as Code enabled I added a step template into the deployment on committed it on a branch. I then edited the step template and added a new parameter (a package) and saved it. When I went to the branch in the UI and updated the step template it asked me to verify the parameters (as expected) then when I click the confirm button
it greys out for a few seconds
and then goes back to being clickable

It isn’t a blocker, as I can delete the step and re-add it, but it is annoying

Hey @lbrody,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue, I will pass that along to our engineering team so they can take a look. Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hey @lbrody,

Our engineering team thought you might be running into the same issue as this help poster did. That issue was with a Git migration trying to happen simultaneously with the step update. You can verify by looking at your .octopus/schema_version.ocl file. If it’s v4 or less, it could be that same issue.

If that file isn’t v4 or less, any server logs, browser console logs, and any details on failed browser network requests will help us continue investigating.


Hi Brett,

that file has version = 3 in it. It has been that value since we created the project and Config As Code enabled it. What is the Git migration you are talking about?


Good morning @lbrody,

Just jumping in for Brent who is currently offline as part of our US Based team. From the ticket Brent linked it looks like the Git Migration mentioned is referenced in that ticket as a Schema Migration. In one of the first comments the user updated a step template and there was a message in his logs showing there was a commit to migrate the Octopus Schema from 3 → 4.

Because he updated his step template before the Schema had chance to update this is why the issue was happening for him.

It looks like you added a step template to your project. This would have similar effects to updating a step template. Are you able to look at your logs and see if there are any messages stating the schema for that project is updating or a migration has occured?

From what I can see in the other forum post:

Our engineers working on this have successfully reproduced the same issue locally. They’ve identified that updating the step version is also triggering a schema version update from v4 to v5. The step version update process doesn’t set things up properly for the schema version update and it is failing.

So it may be the case that adding that step template has triggered the schema version to update. In the forum post the user was originally on schema version 3 as you are so it may be the same issue.

When you update the step template are you able to go into your project and do an update and commit. Whilst doing so are you able to go into your dev tools in your browser and see if you see any errors such as "ErrorMessage": "Stack empty."

If so are you able to follow the below process and see if it works for you?

1. Go into the Deployment Process.
2. Make a trivial change, for example, change the name of a step or add a note to it. Anything really.
3. Commit the change. This should trigger the migration of the schema. There should be a commit with a message 'Octopus Schema Migration to vx' that changes the `.octopus/schema_version.ocl` file to `version = 5`. It may have other changes as well.
4. Now the Update and Commit button should work on the step.
5. The trivial change change can now be undone and committed, if required.

If this doesn’t work let us know and we can continue to fault find, any server logs, browser console logs, and any details on failed browser network requests will help us continue investigating.

Kind Regards,



The Schema version is still at 3. I have made a non-trivial change, I added the step template in again, we have also made other changes to the project. The version of Octopus running is 2022.2.8011. What I did was to cancel my change, and re-add the step template to the project’s process. Once I did this, the additional variable showed and allowed me to save it. The change here is that I was trying to upgrade to a newer version of the step template while I was doing the initial add of the step template to the project.

Hey @lbrody,

Thanks for that clarification. I’m glad that you’re able to save your template changes. I will pass that info on to our engineering team and see if they have any other questions for you.

Best regards,

Hey @lbrody,

To move this along what the engineers really need is your Octopus Server logs if you can provide those? I have created you a secure link you can send the report to - Lbrody | Support Files. If you can make one more trivial change to that step template and then try and update the CaC project. Can we get the logs after you do that please so that action is definitely in them.

Also, right before you try and update the project with the new trivial value of the step template can you get us a HAR file please. You would need to start the capture before clicking on the confirm button in the project, then carry on capturing throughout the process until the button goes back to being clickable. That way we can see what is happening in the browser whilst the complete action of updating the template in the project is being performed.

If you need further clarification on this please let me know. Hopefully we can get some good information from your logs and get this fixed quickly.

Kind Regards,


Diagnostics are uploaded as Will work on getting a HAR file

Great, thanks @lbrody. Ill pass that along and be on the lookout for the HAR