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Discussions related to deployment mechanics. Includes: running steps in a deployment, machine registration and communications, health checks, automatic deployments, subscriptions and retention policy.


Discussions related to getting connected to Octopus via the API. Includes our supported build server plugins (TeamCity, TFS, Jenkins etc) or any other integration via Octo.exe or Octopus.Clients.


Discussions related to user management and authentication in Octopus. Includes Active Directory, Azure AD, GoogleApps, and Okta


The Security category is for discussing matters related to the privacy and integrity of your Octopus Deploy installation. Some examples:

Program Management

Discussions relating to the Octopus product roadmap and features.


Discussions related to mobile & responsive design as well as accessibility issues. Examples include keyboard support, alignment bugs and the general mobile experience.


This category is for issues relating to the forum itself


Discussions related to deployments into the cloud. Includes Azure and AWS.


Octopus provides some tools for moving parts of your Octopus data around. There are some things the tools are good at, and some things the tools don’t support.