Tentacle access through Squid Proxy

This sample config doesn’t really work for me.

I have a simple test lab at the moment, with 3 VMs - octopus server (Win 2019), octopus tentacle (Win 2019), squid proxy (Ubuntu 20.04).

The Octopus server is in a different network to the others but can reach the proxy.

I can register listening tentacles successfully via the squid proxy, but subsequently all operations fail, including healthchecks. I see a few connection attempts in the squid access log, like

…but after a few seconds the operations fail with an error message like this:


A bit of googling and a couple of answers on this site seem to suggest this is because some SSL offload is happening, and it certainly seems as though no complete response from the tentacle is being received by the server, but I’m pretty much at a loss as to what I can check/test here. Any suggestions?

NB I’ve also tested using HAproxy with a similar sample config as at How can I use HAProxy to connect to tentacles that aren't publicly accessible? but in this scenario I can’t even register the listening tentacle, I simply get a timeout from the proxy.

Hey @nm76,

Welcome to the Octopus forums, and thanks for reaching out.

Can you please direct message me the logs from the Tentacle so we can take a look on any errors that might be happening?

The default location is C:\Octopus\Logs.

Looking forward to hearing back.


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