No support for tentacles in Ubuntu 22.04 yet?

I am trying to install a tentacle on Ubuntu 22.04 and I’m getting an error because there are no available versions of libssl that are compatible with the package. I tried following the workaround listed in Linux Tentacle support for Ubuntu 22.04 , but that also seems to have stopped working.

I know I can set the server as an SSH agent, but I would much rather install the tentacle than deal with the overhead of setting up users and firewall rules for octopus cloud.


Hi @enrique1!

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear that you’re having issues getting Tentacle installed on 22.04. It looks like getting this finished is on the backlog while some higher-priority work got triaged ahead of it. I’ll chase this up with the engineering team to see if we can get its priority moved up some, especially with the looming deprecation of 18.04.

In the meantime, were there specific issues you were facing with the workaround that I can help you with?

In the event that doing it with the package repos fails, you can try it manually like so:

dpkg -i libssl*

Which will install the necessary SSL libraries and allow the Tentacle package to install and run.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hi Justin and thanks for the quick reply! For the time being I fell back to using SSH for this specific deployment target. This is fine for now, but in a few months we will be overhauling most of our public facing servers and will be migrating to Ubuntu 22.04. It will be a lot easier to set up those servers if we can configure them as listening tentacles and not have to mess with the SSH setup.

To answer your question about the workaround, the suggested workaround involved adding a source file from the previous Ubuntu release (I think), and then trying to install from there. The error I got there was that the source did not have a “Release” file (it did return error 404), and that there was no available libssl version that was compatible. I wish I still had the terminal up so I could just paste the error, but that was a few hours ago.


No problems at all, @enrique1! I updated my post above with a manual workaround, as it does look like they no longer have that feed available. Hopefully, by the time you circle back around to this, it will work without the manual steps!

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