Logs showing as error

I am running Liquibase command in the octopus Deploy process. Although the exit code is 0, the logs are still shown as error in logs. I even tried manually doing Exit 0

Please help with this issue.

Good morning @lemeraemail,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and sorry it has taken us a while to reply, all of our Support team were on a company meetup over the weekend where we had limited cover for our urgent issues and we have just gotten back.

I am sorry your deployments are showing as errors even though it is showing Exit Code 0. Would you be able to send us your deployment logs please where it shows the issue.

I have created you a secure link here where you can upload the logs to.

Let me know once they have been uploaded and I can take a look for you.
Kind Regards,

Sorry for replying back so late @clare.martin . I have uploaded the log files. Can you please have a look?

Hi @lemeraemail,

Thanks for sending over those logs.

Setting the exit code to 0 will allow the step to complete with a “successful” status, however it doesn’t have the ability to change how the logging from the external app appears in the task log.

To do that you’d need to use the service message commands within the script to direct the logging to the correct output.

We have a bit more detail and an example of this here.


That did helped. Thanks @paul.calvert


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