Latest Octopus Deploy Download on Chocolatey

To follow up on this ticket: Latest Octopus Deploy Download on Chocolatey

None of the new Chocolatey versions listed match the versions listed on the Octopus page. This makes it impossible to understand the exact changelog of a change we are trying to release.


Hi @paul.benoit,

Thank you for following up on this, and I would be happy to help!

As an initial step, I’ve escalated your request to our engineering team for a deeper review, as they have more visibility into this area and will hopefully be able to shed some light/provide direction on this.

I will reach out as soon as I hear back from the team, and let me know if I can be of any further help in the meantime.



Hi Paul,
Just stepping in for Britton who is offline at present.

The engineers have come back to us and they say those said releases in Chocolatey are part of the nightly builds, which is why they’re not being shown in the downloads page. Only releases with “meaningful changes” show up there.

Also, if you select “Show Nightly Builds” then you are able to see them, and if you want to compare releases, you will have to select the closest (higher) version.

I hope that helps establish what changes are present in the Chocolatey version you select.

Kind regards,

Okay, that helps.

I just wanted to ensure there is nothing concerning with picking a random build without being able to do the same “compare” on your site.

I also was just informed that one of our issues is fixed in an upcoming release: 2023.3.1597.

But the choco versions do not include any 2023.3.x versions.

Hi Paul,
You are correct that no 2023.3 versions are available for Chocolatey. If you check the Download archive: Octopus Server Release History - Octopus Deploy you will note that the latest 2023.2 and 2023.3 are all for Cloud only. There are some differences between Server and Cloud and as a policy we run latest releases on Cloud first and a week or two later its available on Server and Chocolatey.

Chocolatey will utilise Server releases only so you may have to wait until the Server version is GA before it will become available.

Hope that helps clarify the situation.

Kind regards,

Yes, it does. Thank you


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