Latest Octopus Deploy Download on Chocolatey

We use Chocolatey to automate installations of new nodes that come online for our Octopus server.

Right now, the latest build available for Octopus is 2022.3.x

Are there plans to upload some 2023.1.x or 2023.2.x versions in the near future?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out - I see that Chocolatey has flagged some of our newer builds for additional verification. I’ll speak to our release team and see if we can get these flowing through once more. While not as convenient as choco, we do have some documentation/scripts related to automating the Octopus install here: Automating Octopus installation - Octopus Deploy

I hope this helps, and I’ll circle back around once I hear news from the team!

Thank you, that would be great.

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Hi @paul.benoit

Our team got back to us last night and the good news is that we’re going to add 2023.1 into Chocolatey for download. We’ve also updated our build documentation internally so that this won’t be forgotten about in the future.

Kind Regards

Awesome, thank you!


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