Is there a way to restrict access to the Update Variables button on the release page

Does anyone know of a way to restrict a user’s access to the ‘Update Variables’ button on the Releases screen? We’d like to disable that option without removing their ability to update variables associated with the project or in a library variable set. When those variables are updated we want to force a new release to be created rather then allowing an existing release to be updated.
Thanks for any tips

The permissions you’re looking for are ReleaseEdit, ProjectEdit, VariableEdit.

If the role doesn’t have those permissions then they won’t be able to make changes to a release.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Currently there’s no way to do this.

We think this is actually a pretty decent idea though. Eg. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to edit a deployment process, but then not update variables once a release has been created.

We’d recommend that you consider adding a uservoice suggestion explaining your situation. If your suggestion gets enough community support/votes, we will consider adding it as a feature in a future version of Octopus.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the response. I’ll enter a uservoice suggestion.