Deploying a hellowold.war file (build using java) using octopus deploy into WAS


I am new to OctopusDeploy and is in the process of exploring the tool.
So far have completed the installation of OctopusDeploy Server and Tentacle Agent - all on a single server. web-interface is accessible.

My requirement for the demo:

I have a helloworld.war file (standalone application) which I want to deploy using Octopus onto WAS (WebSphere) server and want to see if the same can be accessible via web browser. [ in this case I can have a new VM with WAS installed]

Note: Reading through the documentation I found that before deploying we need to extract the executable into a zip format using package manager tool.
Is my approach acceptable or are there any better suggestion for this deployment.

if mine is not suggested any sample application deployment will also do from being in single server. Let the source and target be the same server.


Thanks for reaching out! As a rule of thumb, anything you can package, you can deploy! Octopus needs an artifact, so package everything for your application into a Zip package and push the package to the internal repository, and it’ll be availabe to deploy within Octopus. You can use Octo.exe to do the package and push.

Let us know if you have any further questions!


Hi Kenny,

Nice to see the reply. Before trying out with Octo.exe I want to do a basic manual deploy of this war fie into a target folder for example.

What we can do is - zip the helloworld.war file into a zip file and then deploy to a target.

It would be great if you guide us here.


Hi Anoop,

If you have the .war file in a zip, and just want to manually test this process you will need to upload the file to our inbuilt repository via the UI. (See Using the Web Portal)

Then you select the deploy a package step for extracting the package and running any scripts.