Deploy automatically to environment not firing

Unfortunately we’re seeing the same problem with automatic deployments not firing when a release is created (related topic: Deploy automatically to environment not firing - Octopus Server - Octopus Deploy)

We did not recently upgrade the server though, it appears to be random. We did update to the latest hoping it would fix the problem, but it persists.

I see the same thing in the diagnostic logs as we did before:

Environments eligible for automatic release deployment: None

I tried removing the lifecycle step and recreating it for automatic deployment, but it still does not fire.

Is there any other place I can check or debug why it wants to skip the auto deploy? We’re building and creating the release from the TeamCity plugin. TC is not responsible for the deployment piece, only the release creation. Our workaround before was to have a build step in TC for every project to deploy to DEV when complete, but I’d rather keep this part of the process in Octopus.

Hey @rrosiek,

Thanks for reaching out on our community forum. I think you may still be experiencing the same bug as before. Even though that bug was marked closed and the PR merged, it has not been released in a publicly available build of Octopus yet, which means whatever version you’ve upgraded to will not contain that fix. When that fix does get released, the issue will be updated to show what version of Octopus it will be in. I’m sorry that you’re still facing this issue, but hopefully, you won’t have to wait much longer, as it’s good news that the fix is merged.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Side note: I’ve just checked that PR, and it contains another issue fix which will be included in the 2022.2.3425 release. That is likely what version will contain the fix for the lifecycle issue as well so keep an eye out on that bug for an update or on our download page for when 2022.2.3425 is available.


Ahh OK, thank you @brent_kinney ! I think I saw it merged before, updated, and it was working, so I assumed it was squashed but maybe just got lucky. I’ll keep an eye out for 2022.2.3425 and try not to get ahead of myself.


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