Zero downtime not possible when you have multiple custom IIS bindings

There are lots of issues regarding IIS bindings, for example:

I would like to propose to put it on the agenda again.

My current scenario is that I have a multi tenanted application with custom IIS bindings.
These IIS bindings are now stored in a scoped Variable and after Deploying the IIS Website, I have a powershelll script that adds all these bindings (over and over again) to this website.

The problem is: this means that I have downtime, which is killing for continuous deployment (multiple times a day).

The moment between Octopus is clearing the bindings, and my Add-Bindings powershell scripts is executed, there is downtime. And that is actually unacceptable.

So can you please improve this story? My 2 proposals:

  1. Give me a setting “Do not clear bindings”
  2. Make “adding bindings” scriptable or configurable in the “Deploy to IIS” step, for example pass a list of bindings. So replace the current static “Add Binding” dialog/feature

Hi @GerjanOnline,

Thanks for getting in touch here! I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this one.

Octopus is fairly opinionated and likes to be the source of truth for the bindings in your IIS deployment. Which causes us to delete everything and recreate them if there is any difference with the preexisting bindings and those set in Octopus.

Saying that, we do agree that we could improve the story here as you said. When deploying a single IIS Web Site with multiple bindings on a per-tenant basis, you will encounter this issue. This is something we don’t really have a great way to handle right now.

I have just created an enhancement request and passed it onto the developers. Hopefully we can find a reasonable solution to this.

If you have any further thoughts or questions here, please let me know.

Best regards,

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