Would it be possible to create an updated NuGet package for Octopus.Core.Parsers.Hcl?

I’ve recently come across this repository which is your .NET based HCL parser:

It works great from the latest master branch but the NuGet package hasn’t been released for a while and doesn’t seem to work as well as the latest code in GitHub:

Would it be possible to get a new release pushed out? Even if it’s a pre-release version?

Many thanks, it’s a great utility!

Good afternoon @tom5,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and welcome to our forums!

I will get this in front of our engineers to see if they can update that for you and our other customers, there may be a reason we are staying on that version so I cannot promise you an update, but I will ask the question and see what our engineers are able to do for you.

I will be in touch when I get feedback, the engineers are based in Australia so they are gone for their weekend so I would say Monday at the earliest we can get you some answers but I will keep following up with them.

Reach out in the meantime if you have any other queries or issues as we love to help, also, thank you for your kind words about the utility, we are glad customers such as yourself are finding it useful!

Kind Regards,

Hey @tom5,

I have an update from our engineers regarding the HCL Parser, they mentioned that at some point the package name on NuGet got changed.

The latest version of the HCLParser package has been published to NuGet but lives under:

Hopefully that helps, does that cover off what you wanted and would we be able to close this post as solved?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Hi @clare.martin,

Thanks for getting back to me - the new package works great, thanks.

It might be worth unlisting the older package to avoid confusion - “Unlisting a package version hides it from search and from nuget.org package details page. This allows existing users of the package to continue using it but reduces new adoption since the package is not visible in search.” See: Deleting NuGet Packages from nuget.org | Microsoft Learn

Also, adding a link to the correct NuGet package in the README in the GitHub repository (GitHub - OctopusDeploy/HCLParser: | Public |) would also help people find the right package.



Hey @tom5,

Great news that is what you were after, thanks for the suggestions on updating the links on the other pages too, I will mention that to our engineers and get those updated.

Reach out if you need anything further as we are always on hand to help!

Kind Regards and Happy Deployments,

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Hey @tom5,

Just to let you know the old Nuget Package has now been unlisted and the one in the GitHub repro readme file has been updated to the new one!

Thank you for pointing this out to us so we can get those updated!

Reach out if you need anything in future!

Kind Regards,