Worker Pools Add Package Deployment

Hi ,

Would be useful if we can deploy packages to Workers .

Can this be added as a feature ?

I was trying to use workers to deploy containers via HELM Template to Kubernetes Cluster but I’m unable to deploy package .



Hi, thanks for reaching out.

It sounds like a new feature that was recently released in 2018.8.0 might be of use here. We now allow multiple packages to be added to a script step. We now also support helm feed types (although this feature is in preview, and not recommended for production releases).

This means that a single script step can contain additional packages and references to Helm charts along with any packages containing scripts or the inline script itself.

Keep an eye on the blog at for more details, or for a quick video demonstrating the new feature.

Matt C

Apologies for hijacking the post but will Child Steps also be able to use Worker Pools ?
In our current version: 2018.7.7 any steps that could have worker pools assigned when put under a parent lose ability to get worker pools assigned.


Hi Andzej,

Thanks for the question. There is currently an open issue to allow the selection of a worker pool in child steps:


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