Windows Service Password Error

We have our windows service setup in the following way.

  1. We have a variable with a password we use to setup a windows service.
  2. In the step, the password is binded to the variable, so something like #{Password}

It seems like for what ever reason, the password gets reset. Deployments have been failing due to a logon failure. When i investigated, i tried to reset the password on the Octopus step and rebind the password field to the variable. This seems to have worked. It puzzles me why or how a password could be resetting itself. Any idea what might be going on?


Hi Manny,

Thanks for reaching out! We don’t change any variables or values, and we don’t even know if it is a password. I can dig a bit deeper to see if something else is amiss - what Octopus version are you using?

Are you by any chance deploying an old release that was created before the password value changed? Since releases use a snapshot of all of the variables from the time it’s created, that may be why it’s appearing as changing itself.

Kind regards,


HI Kenneth,

We are using Octopus version 3.24. Its a very off behavior. It definitely is not an old release. It seems like the variable for the password resets it self or the windows service gets installed with an invalid password. Once the windows service is deployed and i go into the window service manager and manually edit the password to the correct one, everything works. So my guess is, during the deployment Octopus isn’t using the password we specified.

We are at a loss and not sure how to resolve this issue.

Hi Manny,

Yeah that definitely seems annoying! Just to confirm, is your Octopus version 3.2.24? After speaking with my team about this, it appears there actually was an issue with Windows services passwords causing weird behavior which was fixed in Octopus 3.3. It seems like you’re probably hitting that bug. Would you be able to upgrade to at least version 3.3 (preferably as recent as possible)?

Let me know how you go!


Our version is 3.2.4. I will talk with my team if we can upgrade to 3.3