Windows 2019 Worker image deprecation warning

Hi Team,

We noticed the warning about 'windows Default" worker image (2019) in the Dynamic worker pool is getting deprecated on our recent deployment logs.

So we followed this article Windows 2019 End-of-life | Documentation and Support, created a new Dynamic pool with Windows Server Core 2022 as worker image, set it as the default Worker Pool, changed our Process steps to use the new 2022 pool and deployed to Test and RC environments.

The deployments were successful but we are still seeing the below warnings in the deployment logs.
" The WindowsDefault worker image in the Default Worker Pool pool is being deprecated and it will be removed on Tuesday, 09 January 2024 UTC. Please refer to the Dynamic Worker documentation to ensure your Deployments are not impacted by this change."

How can we be sure that the new workers are from the new pool if we still see the warnings? or is the warnings are intended to be thrown until Jan 9th as the warning says no matter what the image in the pool is?
Can you please clear this?