When putting Octopus Deploy behind a load balancer, what end point should be used for the keep alive or health check?

I’m interested in leveraging the HA functionality in Octopus Deploy. I’m ready to configure a load balancer, but it requires me to specifies an endpoint for health checks. That check is what determines if the server is up and running. If it is not then the load balancer will redirect traffic to the other server.

What endpoint should I use to determine if the server is up and running?

You have a few options with this one. The Octopus Deploy is a React SPA application. Everything done in the UI hits API end points. The API is where the “brains” of Octopus Deploy is. If the API is up and running, there is an extremely good chance the UI will work.

You can hit the /api endpoint, which returns the current version as well as all the endpoints. No authentication is required for this end point.

As an alternative, you can hit the /api/serverstatus/health end point. This doesn’t require authentication either.

If you want a bit more information, you can hit another endpoint such as the /api/projects end point. Unlike the other two end points the end point you chose will most likely require authentication. You can create a service account with limited permissions. With that service account you can create an api key to use.