When filtering in Environment list using quick filter, deployment targets do not show under environment


We have noticed then when using the quick filter on the Environment list, the list of deployment targets do not show under the environment. We are using version 2018.6.13. Here is a screenshot of no “quick” filter on the Environment list and an expanded environment, showing the deployment targets.

Once I apply a “quick” filter for an environment, it shows no deployment targets. Screenshot attached.

From what I saw is that it’s filtering the deployment targets under that environment also. Here’s a screenshot that shows that too.

I would expect it to only filter the environment names, not the deployment targets under them either. When using the advanced filters, everything works as it should. We upgraded recently from 4.1.1, where it worked in both scenarios.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for reporting this.

You’re correct. This is a regression :frowning: We have created a GitHub issue here that you can track to be notified when a fix is available.

We’ve marked that with priority and will get this fixed asap.


Thanks Mark! Will be looking forward to the fix. Also, I did see this oddness with the deployment targets and checking the tentacle health. If I filter down to a specific tenant in Deployment Targets, let’s say, and I do see just the deployment targets tied to that, but if I go up and choose the option of Check Health, it actually runs through and checks all the deployment targets, not just the ones that are shown filtered. I would expect it to only run it on the ones that are visible in the UI at that time. I have some screenshots below. I can’t remember if that worked the same in previous versions or not.


If you want me to submit this as a different topic, I can.


Thanks Matt,

Yes, unfortunately that’s a known limitation of the environments area at present. It is something we talked about improving some time ago but it didn’t gain any traction at the time due to other priorities.

To make sure we investigate this, we’ve created a separate GitHub issue here that you can track to be notified when either a fix is available or some decision is made.


Thanks Mark!

Looking forward to the fix if/when it comes out.

Thanks again!