When creating a release for project with "Deploy Release" steps, is there a way to list version of release of application projects in an evnvironment to Promote

We are trying to group together and orchestrate number of application releases using a master project containing “Deploy Release” steps.

So, scenario is this:

  1. We have number of applications that are deployed to DEV and then to STAGING.
  2. We create a master octopus project with “Deploy Release” steps of those applications.
  3. Create a Release of master octopus project and promote it to higher environment.

When creating a release for master project via GUI, we can see latest and last release versions of each application. Is there a way to also list release version of application in an environment, i.e. STAGING, because what is to be promoted is not necessarily either latest or last version?

Hi @prabulike,

Thanks for getting in touch!

When creating the release you can use the Select Version button to pick versions other than last or latest, however, there isn’t any way to see which environments these versions have been deployed to without checking the dashboard prior to creating the release.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for confirming. We have now gone the route of Octopus.client powershell script to get dashboard information “$repository.Dashboard.GetDynamicDashboard()” quickly.


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