What filters the list of possible environments when running a Runbook?

I have a Runbook that is set to run against any Environments from the Project Lifecycles.

Any my Project Lifecycle is a fairly large one:

But when I go to run the Runbook, the only option I get is the first one (DevUnstable):

But if I go back the Environments option and change it to “All environments” then it get the full list:

Clearly something is filtering my environments when I just want to pick from the ones in my lifecycle. But I can’t seem to figure out what.

NOTE: This is a fairly complex project. I have Tenents (for Blue / Green and Dev Branch pipelines) and Channels setup. I imagine it is something in there, but I don’t know which of them would be able to filter the list of environments for a Runbook like that.

Hi @OctopusSchaff,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this but I’ve just done some testing and may have found the cause of the problem. Would you be able to confirm that the default channel for this project has the same lifecycle as what you see configured on the process page?

In my testing, the channel’s default lifecycle is overwriting the value I have set on the deployment process for the project. This means that my runbook is only seeing the single environment lifecycle I created and set as the default channel’s lifecycle for this project. There has been some trouble in the past with managing the priorities and expected behaviour between these two lifecycle configuration locations.

Let me know if this helps or if you think that you’re seeing something different. In the mean time, I’m contacting the developers to see what we can do to resolve this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

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So the Channel is absolutely related.

I have 6 channels. The default channel is setup to have a lifecycle of “Inherited from Parent”. The other 5 (that are not default channels) have a lifecycle that is set to just my DevUnstable environment. (These channels are used by branch builds to prevent them from progressing to production.)

If I update the lifecycle of my my default channel from “Inherited from Parent” to the same lifecycle as my deployment process, then I am given the full list of environments in my Runbook dropdown menu!

So it seems as if one of the non-default channels is somehow effecting the Runbook’s list of Environments when the default channel is set to inherit it’s lifecycle.

For me, and the way we use runbooks here, the lifecycles of channels should not have any effect on the runbooks. Or it should be a separate option when selecting which Environment options you want for the running (in the runbook’s settings).

While it will be a bit of a pain that we will have to set the lifecycle twice for all our projects, this is an acceptable workaround.

Thank you for your hard work in figuring this out for me! Octopus deploy has the best support of any company I have ever seen!

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Hey @OctopusSchaff,

Just jumping in here for @Daniel_Fischer who is currently offline as part of our Australian team. He will be happy to know his comment on the channels lead you to a resolution for your runbook issue.

Thank you also for your lovely comment on our support, we are all a team of IT (dare I say it) nerds who love our jobs and love to help people so it is always nice when we receive such wonderful feedback.

If there is anything else you need in future please reach out.

Kind Regards,

Clare Martin

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