What am I missing?

Octopus 3.12.4-x64
Just learning here so bear with me.
So have spent the past week creating a simple deployment package that has a half dozen steps.
I had one environment with one server.
I have successfully created a release and deployed it to that environment.
I now want to test deploying this to a second environment, so I installed tentacle on another server,
created the second environment and placed the second server as a deployment target in the second environment
When I attempt to create a deployment to the second environment, it does not allow me to ever select the second environment. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for getting in touch! You are probably running in to Lifecycles: https://octopus.com/docs/key-concepts/lifecycles Depending on the lifecycle of the project you may only be able to deploy releases to that environment if all other environments before it in the lifecycle have been deployed to.

Hope that helps!