What about uninstalling release?


are there a concept in mind to uninstall release? Or to wipe out project from some environment?

It would be useful for 2 use-cases:

  • to correctly uninstall some product without leaving any garbage behind. In this case some sort of Undeploy.ps1 script will be required.
  • if we want to clean dashboard of some old releases. Currently our dashboard is polluted with some old experimental deployments we do from time to time. We no longer have them installed on these environments, but this deployment results are on a dashboard, distracting and providing false info.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for reaching out. We have no plans on adding Uninstall support at the moment. There is a uservoice request similar to what you are asking though:

Try to give some votes to it if you’d like to see this implemented on upcoming versions



Hello Dalmiro,

and what about wiping out not relevant releases (which we have uninstalled manually) from the dashboard? They clutter dashboard pretty hard.

Hi Dmitry,

You can use the Octopus API to delete the deployments for a specific Project-Environment combination. The script below will do that for you

Hope that helps


And if we did several consecutive deployments of some project to some environment? Will deleting last deployment clean our dashboard? Or we’ll have to delete all deployments we did for that project-environment pair?

Hi Dmitry,

Deleting the last deployment willl make the dashboard show you the previous deployment. If you dont want to see anything on your dashboard about that Project-environment pair, you’re gonna have to delete them all.



Ok, Dalmiro, I think this will work for us. Thanks!