WebSite URL not routing properly

I have just upgraded to 2.5.2 from 2.4.9 and ran into an issue. I upgraded the same way I always have, and it was fine for a few minutes. Once I closed my browser, however, and tried to navigate to http://Server/octopus, it was giving me a 404. I went to the server, opened the Octopus manager, and clicked the browse button which lists “http://localhost/octopus” but that is also unavailable.

I tested the REST API, which still works, and I found that I can still navigate to the web server but only if I specify http://localhost/octopus/app. Is this something that changed on my end that I now need to list “/app”? Or did something change in Octopus?

As an aside, I notice that when I navigate to http://server/octopus, the redirect takes me to http://server/app, instead of the intended http://server/octopus/app.

Sorry for the email spam, but I’ve confirmed it’s an issue with the virtual directory of the website. If I add bindings for the server for http://localhost (without the /octopus ) then the redirect to /app works. But it seems to strip the virtual directory in the new release.

While it’s not a huge issue, as we can still manually navigate to the site, it would be nice if this could get fixed. (Or, if the issue is on my end, if I could just get some pointers)


No worries about the spam. High five for all of your the assists on the forum recently.

So yeah we made a change to handle https:// looks like this has broken the virtual directory support.
I’ve created a ticket in GitHub which you can track here: