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We are using web proxy in our environment. (1) Hence, I have a proxy settings configured in Octopus. (Octopus Version: v2022.3 (Build 10437))

(2)Now, there are certain url which must not go via proxy. Hence, I have configured those urls under the section “Use the proxy server except for addresses…” setting.

I have attached the screenshots for reference.

However, it seems that Octopus does not respect these setting (2) and routing those as well from proxy.

Could you please confirm if I am doing anything wrong here?


Hi @rahul.bhoyar

Thanks for contacting us regarding your issue today.

To get some more detail on the issue would you be able to send us a Raw Task log from an octopus deployment?

It also looks like the screenshots were not attached.

If you could send us these using the secure upload link here.

Kind Regards,

Hi Dom,
I have attached the screenshot. Pls note that this is not a part of any task. However, I am trying to configure an external AWS ECR feed.

Hi @rahul.bhoyar,

Just stepping in for Dom while he’s offline, it sounds like you might be running into this issue: Unable to connect to AWS ECR if proxy is set within Octopus and outbound traffic is restricted · Issue #6843 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub

You should be able to workaround it by configuring the proxy at the OS level instead of within Octopus.

Hope that helps but feel free to reach out with any questions!

Best Regards,

Thanks Finnian,
Could you please elaborate on what di you mean by OS Level proxy.

I am currently running Octopus on windows server and I had setup the proxy information using following steps:

Start → Settings → Proxy and then setting the necessary proxy urls .

When we say OS level settings, is there any other way to implement the same.


Please note that Octopus is able to fetch the internet explorer settings. However, it seems that it is not able to fetch the proxy bypass list.

Hi @rahul.bhoyar,

No problem at all, sorry I could have been clearer!

By OS Level proxy I was referring to Internet Explorer or Windows Proxy settings as opposed to Octopus Proxy settings, it looks like Octopus won’t be able to use an ECR feed if it has proxy settings configured, however I believe by setting Octopus to “Do not use a proxy” but still configuring a proxy in Internet Explorer/Windows it should hopefully allow for the auth token to be retrieved through a proxy.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on, feel free to reach out with any questions at all!

Best Regards,

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Hi Finnian,
I can Use ECR feed now with this setting.

However, Can you please confirm that with this setting, If I wish octopus to communicate over the intenet,via the proxy, it will use this OS level settings and go over the proxy?


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Hi @rahul.bhoyar

Thanks for getting back to us, I’m glad we were able to fix the issue.

When setting the proxy setting on the OS everything will go through the configured proxy, this include Octopus.

If you need to be more granular then you can set the proxy settings in Octopus.

Kind Regards,


Thanks Dom, I am relieved to know that Octopus will fetch the OS level settings. I am planning to integrate Octopus to few more services in next couple of weeks over internet and for them it will need to go via proxy.

In case If I face any issues , I will post here.



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