WARN This machine shares its endpoint

On my Octopus Deploy Server, I also installed a Tentacle. The following warning now appears in the event log:

“This machine shares its endpoint.”

What is the cause of this, and how can I fix it?

Hi Morten,

Thanks for getting in touch! This happens when you have more than one machine added to your Octopus server, and both of them point to the same underlying Tentacle service. What does your Environments page look like?


Hi Paul,

On the Environments page I can only see this machine/Tentacle once.

Hi Morten,

Does the error keep appearing, or was it a one-off?

Would you be free to do a Skype call sometime to try and work out what’s happening? My Skype name is paulstovell.


The error appears 2 times every hour.

I will see if I can get in touch you on Skype, although our timezones likely differ.

Hi Paul,

I discovered some more now.

The warning is not from the actual Octopus Server machine; it is from one of the Tentacles. But the warning appears in the eventlog of Octopus Server.

Would it be possible to add Tentacle information to the error message “This machine shares its endpoint.”"? I mean, what machine? It does not state this.

I also just received this warning in the Octopus Server eventlog:

“2014-05-06 14:13:16.5654 WARN Drive Z:\ only has 3 GB of available free space remaining”

But my Octopus Server does not have a Z: drive. And I don’t know which of the Tentacles it is reporting from.

Thanks for the heads-up Morten. We realised this flaw in the logging mechanism a little while ago and we’re looking for a way to straighten it out. I’ll take a look now.

You’ll find the 3 GB warning is also in a Health Check log, if you visit Tasks and find the most recent health check task.



I’m getting this event warning anywhere from 2 - 10 per second.

I’m unclear. Is the “flaw in the logging mechanism” for warning about drive Z:\ or about the original warning “This machine shares its endpoint”?

Is there a resolution to the “This machine shares its endpoint” problem?

I too am now receiving this after adding some new tentacles. My problem is that Octopus says it’s deploying to one host but it’s going to another. That is very dangerous.

Hi Rick,

As part of 2.5 we added a breaking change that you cannot deploy when endpoints share a SQUID.

It now errors and will not allow the deployment at all.


Thanks Vanessa. I simply re-installed from the Octopus Tentacle Manager dialog after deleting the machine from the server and all is well.

On my side, this was caused by VMs that were cloned, and then resulted in a duplicate SQUID on startup of the Tentacle. Shoud this be closed?

Hi Rick,

If you are happy to close it, please do. It prevents people from ‘hijacking’ the thread and you getting notifications.


Hi Vanessa,

I don’t own the thread so I can’t close it. I guess I hijacked this one? :slight_smile: I just thought others might be seeing this due to the same reason, copying a VM.