Want to update variable values as #{env}.#{site} in variable set

I want to update variable values as #{env}.#{site} using octopus Api.
but when trying to do update the values its resolving the env and site tokens since these are octopus inbuilt tokens , could you please help me how can I achieve this .

Hi @YuvarajDuraisamy,

Thanks for getting in touch! We have a sample script available in our docs linked below that I was able to confirm updated a project variable’s value to “#{env}.#{site}” instead of attempting to evaluate each of those individual variables.


However running this same script during a deployment will attempt to evaluate each of these variables. Is this the method you’re using to run the API script, e.g. during a deployment? If so, I can try to think of a decent way to approach preserving this value and avoid substitution during the deployment.

Best regards,