VSO Package Feed

Just took a look at the VSO package feed but couldn’t get it hooked up with our Octopus server.

Granted - I’m not very patient. We were able to download/install from vso feed … but when I try to set it up as an external feed in Octopus, the “test” task returns an error that suggests the url isn’t valid (see below). Im wondering if that package feed isn’t providing the “query” functionality you are expecting. Maybe it’s just for push/pull of packages?

That feature is pretty new in VSO (only available in US so far). Has anyone there worked with it yet?

We like the idea of hosting all of our packages in the same repo as our code … but only if the feed … ummm … works.

Any thoughts would be most welcome!

… No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI 'https://.pkgs.visualstudio.com/_packaging//nuget/v3/index.json/Packages()?$filter= …

Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting in touch. My preference is to differentiate between application libraries and deployment packages. I like to structure it this way:

  1. Use VSTS Package Management to host my application libraries as NuGet packages (other customers use MyGet/ProGet or the TeamCity built-in feed for this)
  2. Use the Octopus built-in feed for deployment packages.

The benefits of this approach are that you get a clear distinction between the purpose of the two feeds, but the most compelling is that your retention policies will be much more robust. It is impossible for VSTS to understand when a deployment package should be deleted due to some retention policy, but Octopus Deploy knows exactly which deployment packages are still required, and can clean up safely based on the retention policies you define.

To address your specific issue, we don’t officially support NuGet v3 feeds because we are using NuGet v2 internally. Some feeds will fall back to the NuGet v2 API - perhaps you could just replace v3 with v2? (It’s a long-shot, but it may work now)

We also found a bug with the VSTS Package Manager feeds related to timezone offsets which is stopping people from using the VSTS Package Management NuGet feed.

We are planning to support NuGet 3 feeds some time next year, but apart from reach, they don’t offer any compelling features that our customers need.

I hope that helps!