VMWare support

Is there any support for VMware in Octopus Deploy?

What I would like to do is: from a release in Octopus create a vApp instance (a set of VMs) and install the latest release onto those VMs.

The scripting to create a new set is do able but not sure how to go about adding the machine to the Octopus environment.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for reaching out. There’s no specific built-in support for VMWare, but there’s nothing stopping these 2 technologies from working together.

This doc shows how to automate the installation of a Tentacle on a VM, and also how to register it on an Octopus environment:

You’ll notice that the command will have a line that has the parameters:

--role "web-server" --environment "Staging"

That’s the one that handles the registration of the machine in the environment.

Hope that helps,