View the machines under Tenants

Is it possible to view the machines that are under Tenants? Currently I am not able to figure it out directly from the Octopus GUI, unless I open machine configuration and see the Tenant tags.
So it is like
Environment ‘A’ has 15 machines
5 machines are in Tenant 'X’
5 machines are in Tenant 'Y’
5 machines are in Tenant ‘Z’

So is there a view which will me view of the Tenant and display machines under them?

This is a feature that has come up in the past yet we have so far been unable to prioritise it for implementation. Ideally we expect that at some point you should be able to view/manage machines linked to a tenant, within the context of a specific tenant. There is a uservoice ticket currently open that I would suggest you add your vote and comments to. It is through the activity of the community in userVoice that we can best gauge how popular and in demand new features are.

In the meantime you may be able to get this information yourself through the Octopus.Client.dll or the Rest API which we expose from the server. Ultimately everything that you see and do in the portal goes through the same API that you have access to and so many users utilize these endpoints to take further control of their Octopus installations.

In your case you will first need to load the machines. Then for each machine you can see if they are explicitly linked to a tenant. For those machines which use tenant tags, you will need to perform an extra set of calls to the /tag-test endpoint to determine which tenants match those tags.

Hopefully at some point in the future we hope to expose this requested feature directly through the portal however for the time being you may need to use the API directly.

I hope this reply gives you some guidance as to how to get the information you are after. Let me know if I can be of further help.

Thanks I added vote to userVoice, but I think this is a basic feature missing from Octopus and I wish this is implemented without waiting for votes.