Very slow page load times

We’ve recently migrated from a self-hosted Octopus that was several years old to octopus cloud. Most things are great, but we’ve noticed that most page loads are very slow (> 30 seconds). Whilst I realise it can’t be as snappy as self hosted due to latency etc, we didnt expect noticable performance issues!

This gets incredibly frustrating when trying to navigate between multiple tenants since we have to wait 30 seconds for tenant list to show, then 20s for a tenant to load (once loaded all variables etc are quick to view, at least), 30s to list all tenants again and 20s to show next tenant.

Looking at the network tab, it looks like most requests are taking between 3s and 5s. Its just there are about 20 requests for each page load (in parallel, to some extent)

Is this a known issue that will be fixed soon, or is it unique to us?

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear about the performance issues you’re experiencing.

It’s great that you’ve provided the waterfall view of the requests being made. Would it be possible to provide the request paths along with the timing information so I can see exactly which requests are taking the time? This would help me to better investigate your issue.