Version controlled project cannot be used if it has issue with connecting to git repo

I’m playing around with octopus version control and I’ve encountered a minor issue.

When Octopus cannot connect to Git Repo it disable the whole project.
The project can not be used for deployment or be deleted.

I can see this causing major issue if there is access issue to the git repo and you need to do a live release.

Is there any plan to change this or is this how it is expected to work?

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It’s really good to see you and many of our customers having a play around with Config As Code and really testing it’s limits and then making them known to us so we can either get a fix out or have a good discussion surrounding different customers’ use cases.

With regards to your query surrounding losing connection to the Git Repo and that affecting your ability to actually work with the project inside of Octopus. We are aware of this and discussions have been happening on how we could mitigate it or make this better for our customers.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to offer an ‘offline mode’ as such for editing, as that could be problematic with merge conflicts etc. In the same way, we don’t do “eventually consistent” with database resources we require the persistence to be in an agreed state before acting on it since that would otherwise risk all sorts of things like auditing.

Existing releases that have been created for CaC projects however should continue to be available for deployment even if the repo is uncontactable. I am assuming this was a new project you have set up and there are no releases associated with it?

I look forward to hearing from you, it does seem like if you have existing releases for the project the UI should still work and you should still be able to create releases so I think this would only be a huge issue for new projects customers build which have no releases associated with them. Please let me know if this is not the case though and you do have a project with existing releases that you cant deploy because of a lost connection to the GitHub repo.

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yes the project I created was a mock project with no release. I’ll try it out with a release next time. Many thanks.

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