Version 2.6 - environments are now missing from Project Groups

When I went to specify the environments for my project group I noticed that the option is now missing. Has this been replaced by the new lifecycles feature? I tried setting up a few different lifecycles but all the environments still show up for that project group.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for getting in touch! This is by design for 2.6. When you upgraded your Octopus, it should have created a Lifecycle with any included environments for your project group and automatically assigned all projects in that group to that specific Lifecycle.
Lifecycles control environments and when one is assigned to a project it will only allow deployment to the environments that it has defined.

Where are you seeing the environments showing? If you could provide screenshots we can see if this was intentional or not.


Venessa. I confirmed that this is now working correctly. The Lifecycle changes didn’t reflect right away in the dashboard. When I came in this morning it was updated. I made a few other updates to the environments in my Lifecycle and it’s showing correctly in the dashboard now.