Variables with £ sign


Just getting started with Octopus, so this may be user error on my part…however when we have a variable used to publish an Azure cloud service, if the variable has a £ in it the configuration appears as a mangled character in the cloud service configuration.

Any ideas, questions and suggestions gratefully received.

Kind regards,

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch. Can you tell me what version of Octopus you’re using? Also, can you tell me a bit more about where the £ is being used? Screenshots can help a lot.

I tried to reproduce this in a few different ways but I didn’t have any issues. One of the scenarios I tested included the following.

  • New Test Project
  • Added Variable named price with a value of £500.00
  • Added Azure WebApp step with a simple web app that displayed price from configuration variable. Turned on configuration variable replacement.
  • Deployed to Azure and tested the web app with the correct value displayed.

Looking forward to your reply.


HI Rob,

Thanks for doing such detailed testing already! We are on version 3.2.1 the £ is being used in a password for connection to a SQL Azure database. I’m afraid I can’t copy the whole string here but this is how the £ gets represented once the deployment to Azure completes:

Now, as you will see from my job title, I’m an ops guy so don’t know what the dev’s have configured in TFS for the variable replacement. I don’t have access to the project either to check I’m afraid. So you telling me this should work is good enough for now. I’ll take it up with our dev guys.

Thanks again,