Variables prompts for runbooks


reading the documentation it says that is possible to use variables prompt for runbooks like this one:

When trying to implement it I followed the steps on the documentation ending up with something like this, with no prompt being shown:

Did I misunderstood that it can be used in runbooks or am I doing something wrong? Thanks beforehand for the help.

Hello @ezio.tobioli , thanks for reaching out!

Because variables can be scoped to specific environments, I think you’re one screen before where you’ll see your prompted variable show up for input in your process :slight_smile:

If you select an environment for your runbook, you should then see the prompted variable(s) show up for the input value.

Let me know how that goes or if you have any additional questions!

Hello @cory.reid

It certainly worked after I selected the environment, thank you so much for your help.