Variables in XML transforms

Is it possible to use variables in XML config transformations?

To my knowledge the short answer is No. However you can use Powershell to do something close to the goal I believe you are attempting to get. I have a powershell script that uses special naming to modify config files outside of the regular Octopus Deploy variable transformation.

It’s not normal web transformation but it gets the job done. Setup a variable in your Octopus project like: “log4net://configuration/log4net/appender[@name=‘FileAppender’]/file/@value” = “path to your log file”

Then run the script and it will use the first part (before the ‘:’) to determine which config file to apply the variable too. Then it uses the XPath (part after ‘:’) to locate the appropriate node.

The gist above has a sample config file and sample setup of the Octopus parameters. I’m on the jabbr board if it gives you any problems.

Using your script as a module in OD, slightly modified, but overall same basis.
Thank you!