Variables defined for multiple environments are hidden if user doesn't have access to one of the environments

A variable assigned to an accessible environments is hidden if also assigned an inaccessible environment
If Variable A is declared in Environment 1 and 2. User 1 has access to Environment 1 but not Environment 2. User 1 can not see Variable A at all.
Screenshot ‘with access to both env.png’ shows the set of variables available when team has access to both environments, where as ‘with access to only one env.png’ show the result of removing environment ‘AT Prod’ from the team.


Thanks for the feedback! We agree that this is a bug for viewing only. Editing should be kept to someone with access to both Environments that will be effected, but users with permissions to either should be able to at least view the variable.
I have created a GitHub issue which you can track here:

Thanks for reporting this!