Variable description field?

Octopus team,

I wanted to ask if there is or any talk of adding a description field for variables. This is a major issue we run into with a large organization such as ours. Currently our process involves team requesting variables to be added with a set field, around 2-3 a week. As you can imagine find what a variable does or who requested it involves digging through emails and tickets. Having a simple text field would make this much more manageable.


Hi Cody,

Thanks for getting in touch! We have a UserVoice suggestion for overhauling our variable UI which includes adding a description section for variables. The UserVoice currently has a lot of votes and will be something we implement. However, the Variable UI in its current form is a very tightly integrated part of Octopus and redesigning it will not be quick or easy, so unfortunately I can not give you any time frame on how long it will take. :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the UserVoice suggestion.

You are more then welcome to leave a comment with your thoughts and any ideas you would like to see in the new UI.

Let me know what you think.

Best regards,