Value must look like a canonical tag name


Just started getting the below when applying a Tenant filter on the Deployment targets:

I can see a call to https://***** which is returning the error. It does still apply the filter and doesn’t seem to have any effect other than the red error bar.

We’re currently on 2022.4.6133-hotfix.8071 on our cloud server, which errors on the download link too btw (link)

Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We’ve just had a look into this after another user raised it, and we are seeing the same behaviour on our test instance.

We then tried it on the latest build, but we could not reproduce the error, so it seems it has already been fixed.

We’ve reached out to engineering for confirmation, but hopefully, the error should disappear when the next version rolls out.


Awesome thanks @paul.calvert

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