Using variable for nuget feed scoped by channel fails to resolve during deployment

I have a project that has 3 channels: Debug, Release and Default. A step requires a nuget package. The package comes from a feed that is stored in a variable #{nugetFeed}. I have a value in this variable scoped for each of the channels.

I can create a release for a specific channel successfully. When I try to deploy this release, I get the following error:

The feed #{nugetFeed} referenced by steps in this project no longer exists.

It appears the variable isn’t being resolved. When I remove the scope on one of the #{nugetFeed} variables, the deploy succeeds. Why isn’t the scoped variable being propagated to the deploy?

Hi Rory,

Thanks for reaching out!

For this to work you need an un-scoped #{nugetFeed} variable to use as a placeholder during that stage of the process (this is why it works when you remove the scope from one of them). Once the deployment starts the #{NugetFeed} variable will be re-evaluated to the correct value depending on the channel you are deploying to.

Let me know if that works,