Using variable for flag in VSTS Push Packages extension

We are using task groups in TFS and utilizing the Push Packages to Octopus VSTS extension.

Within the extension, there is a checkbox for “Replace Existing”. Our value for this changes based on which environment we are in, so we need to pass the value into the task group/extension as a parameter. Since this is exposed as a checkbox, I cannot assign a parameter value to it - is there a solution/work around to accomplish this?

Again - we need to set the “Replace Existing” checkbox value using a parameter within the Push Packages to Octopus VSTS extension.

If I pass in a parameter to the ‘Arguments’ section that is either blank or “–replace-existing”, will that override the checkbox?

Hi Andy, thanks for reaching out.

The options in the Additional Arguments field will always be added, so if you leave the Replace Existing option unchecked, you can then add the –replace-existing option (or not, as the case may be) manually in the Additional Arguments field.

Matt C

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