Using Octopus to side-load windows Store apps fails

Hi all. I’ve a problem when trying to install .appx in Windows 8.1 with Octopus.
Permissions on the tentacle service were changed to current user under which I usually install apps.
Also, Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted has been applied.
After copying appx and other files correctly I try to either run a powershell installation script or run Add-AppxPackage command and it fails with the following error:

Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CF9, Install failed. Please contact your software vendor. Deployment Add operation on Package <…> from: (file:///C:/Octopus/Applications/…/<…>.appx) failed with error 0x8000401A.

Get-AppxLog doesn’t provide any valuable info.
Could you please explain what’s going on and if it can be fixed by any means?

Hi Konstantin,

Sorry to hear your are having problems installing your apps.

Can you manually install the .appx on the target machine after the deployment fails? The error code seems to indicate a problem with the app installer, just wondering if it’s a problem when running specifically from Octopus or something else.


Hi. Yes, manual installation from octopus apps folder can be done without any problems.

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Hi Konstatin,

You mentioned you changed the Tentacle permissions to the same as the user you usually install apps as. Are you running the Tentacle service as the same user as you manually install or another user with permissions?

Would you mind trying to run the install script on the Tentacle through the Octopus script console? You can find script console help here. Is the result the same if you change the user that the Tentacle runs as? Just trying to rule out the user being the culprit.