Using Octopus Deploy for web app file management


I am trying to get some help with Octopus Deploy. The company I work for develops multiple SQL database and .NET web apps for production use. I am starting my testing with the software but I am having issues with how I should use octopus Deploy server to backup files from a tentacle server to a different location on the tentacle (specifically, files used for our .Net Apps) and moving files from the Octopus Deploy server to override the files that were backup on the tentacle mentioned earlier.

Currently, the company has a technician manually remote into the Dev or Production server that has the files for the web app that are in use, copy the files to a backup location. then remote into the staging server, copy the new code that needs to be used to production/Dev and replace the files that were backed up. I wanted to know if Octopus deploy can handle these kind of processes.

Hi Santiago,

Thanks for getting in touch. Octopus could do that, but it really isn’t the way it was meant to be used.

Would you like you have a call to discuss how can Octopus help you with your particular scenario? If you are up to it, please select a time from the link below so it gets locked in my calendar

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