Using channels to deploy selected releases to selected tenants

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I’m not sure how most people use this type of configuration, but I’ll try my best to explain the way we have set up Octopus. We have many different release branches of the software that we deploy using Octopus, and these different releases are deployed to different tenants. So we have configured multiple channels, each with a different version filter in order to easily create the correct release for the channel.
We have also created a Customer tenant tag, which allows us to scope each channel to a list of tenants that are allowed to receive releases from this channel.
Now the problem we face, is that when you go to deploy a particular release from a particular channel, the default Octopus behaviour is that when you select the desired environment to be deployed to, these Customer tenant tags are all included for this deployment, so we may have 10 matching tenants, and if these are not de-selected, then all 10 will be deployed to at the same time, which is NOT what we are intending, and unfortunately we have had occasions where our users have accidentally deployed a release to multiple tenants at once.
The way we would like to see this work, is that the tenant tags used to restrict the deployment of a channel would instead make up the list of tags available on the release deployment screen to be deployed to, so rather than all of them being automatically selected, when you initially select the deployment environment, NO tenants are included by default. Then the user could select the desired tenant either by using the Tenants drop-down, or selecting from the available tenant tags. This way they could then either just select the one to deploy to, or multiple if that is what is desired, rather than having all of them automatically selected by default.
At the moment on the deployment screen, not only can we select the tenant tags used to restrict the channel, we can also select any of the other tenant tags which are pointless, as they are not able to receive the release from this channel. I’ve attached an example of this that shows 6 of the Customer tenant tags selected, but there are only 3 matching tenants, which are the ones included on the channel restrictions. This tenant tag should be filtered to restrict selections to only those defined on the channel.
It’s confusing to try and get this across in words, but what are your thoughts on this approach? Is this not how most people would intend to use this type of configuration?


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Hi Simon,

Thanks for your thoughts here. I have run this past our developers and we are currently discussing options/ideas/thoughts. I’ll update as soon as I have some more information. Just thought I would let you know that I’ve not forgotten about your question here.

Best regards,

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Thanks Daniel - Let me know if I need to elaborate further to make anything clearer!

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for waiting here. So it looks like we are going to make a little bit of change here. We are going to change it so we no longer auto-fill this section. We are also going to do a check to ensure that only tags relevant to the channel you created the release with can be listed.

You can follow the issue here:

Let me know what you think.:slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Thanks Daniel, that sounds perfect! I look forward to that being implemented, it will help us greatly.
Cheers, Simon.

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Hi Simon,

No worries, feel free to get in touch at any time. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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