Users unable to clone projects

We are running Octopus Server onprem 2023.1.9909. Since a couple of months we have had reports from users that they are unable to clone projects with the error:

Missing permission: ProjectView

When taking a user permission extract, the ProjectView permission is shown for the project group the project is in. And infact the users also have far more permissions in the project group including ProjectCreate.

Is there something that we are missing in the permission setup or is this an issue?


Good afternoon @ceri.lewis

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and sorry you have run into a permissions issue.

I came across something similar the other day and created a GitHub issue for it, I am wondering if you can take a look for me and see if this is what you are also experiencing -

Missing Permission : Project View error when having Project Initiator and Project Contributor scoped · Issue #8125 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub.

From my testing, the ProjectView permissions error seems to happen if you have project initiator or project contributor scoped to a project or project group.

There is a workaround I posted up for you to try if this is the same issue as you are seeing, if it is let us know and I can add your ticket to that GitHub issue so our engineers know someone else is getting the permissions error.

Let me know if the workaround works for you,

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the information. After checking the linked GitHub issue I believe this is the same issue we are experiencing. Users have all the mentioned permissions but are scoped to Project Group. And they receive the missing ProjectView permission error. I haven’t tried the workaround as in the meantime an Octopus admin has cloned the required projects. If you could add me to the ticket it would be great.


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