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I seem to have the reverse problem to others - I had NTLM domain authentication working (and it still does). However, I turned on Username & Password so I could look at how easy it would be to run both authentication mechanisms.
On our “in use” servers they are username / password based, and I wanted to investigate how easy it would be to move to NTLM authentication on those servers. The only “safe” way of doing that is to run both authentication mechanisms at the same time.
However, my test Octopus server started life with NTLM only.
After turning on Username & password, restarting the Octopus Server - NTLM still works (very good as it has my admin login!), but the test username I have setup keeps on returning “Username not found”.
Have I missed something simple? Thanks

Hi @AubynC!

Thanks for getting in touch, I just spun this scenario on a local instance and was able to get mixed authentication (AD auth and local Username/Passwords) working with no problems at all.

I was able to get the same error in the situation where I did not have Username/Password set to Enabled in Configuration -> Settings and attempted to log in with the local account credentials.

I hope this helps and gets you up and running!

@Justin_Walsh - thanks for looking at this.
There is only one setting under Username / Passwords isn’t there?
Yes, I have IsEnabled checkbox ticked. I didn’t use the command line to enable this, would that make a difference?

Yes, just the one setting! Here’s the settings I’m using locally to make it work:



@Justin_Walsh although I had restarted Octopus via Octopus Manager, I had not done a machine reboot. After I did the reboot - it allowed both authentication mechanisms.

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