User restrictions

Dear team,

Can we restrict a user who can deploy on test server cant be able to deploy on some other server.
I want that this user can only be able to deploy only on test servers not on uat or production.

I am unable to do this setting your help will be more appreciated.


Hi Kapil,

Thanks for reaching out. What you need to do is:

  1. Create a brand new team

  2. Assign the User Roles you want members of this team to have.

  3. Set the scope of this team to your Test Environment where your test servers are.

  4. Add the user to this team.

Hope that helps,

Dear team,

Attached is the snap shot for better understanding…


Hi Kapil,

The steps I provided above totally apply for what you are asking. For step (2) you could pick the built-in user role “Project Deployer”.


Hi Dalmiro,

Remember we had a nice conversation previous on some sort of issue we were facing (see below trail mails), not regard to that…

But, This is new please go through and suggest…

We in our organization use octopus deploy for the deployment of our projects now we are working on version “Octopus Deploy” we are thinking to upgrade it to the latest one can you please brief me with the difference and feature of it, a document on this will be very appreciated.


Hi Kapildev,

Dalmiro is on leave, so I am taking over this ticket, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
There are many changes between those versions!

We have a release compare page but between those versions that is a lot issues:
Probably the best way to get an idea is via the following blog post search:

Please when you are ready to upgrade you will need to follow our upgrade guides:


Hi Vanessa,

First off all i have to say you have got a very beautiful name…

Coming to point,
Thanks for writing back, i will go through this links, understand it and will come back to you asap to clarify my doubt if any, hope you don’t mind.


Hi Kapildev,

Thanks! My usual response is that I was born with it!

Not a problem, it is a lot of information to take in.

The main difference from 1.6 to 3.0 is that we changed our communication layer and our SQL layer it is now SQL Server.
But lots of new and rich features that hopefully you will find useful.


Hi Vanessa,

Due to busy schedule I was unable to go through those links but I have made my requirement points,

See if those can be satisfied by the latest version of the octopus deploy, below are points. If these are possible with latest octopus deploy then I will request for the demo login where I can login and play around to test it myself.

  1. Generate immediate builds (like Teamcity or other compatible tool (please suggest))
  2. Preferably when building a solution (like project1) we’d like to be able to get source code from more than one location in TFS, so we get the primary solution, and perhaps other files needed from a different part of TFS
  3. We’d like to be able to set up definitions of environments like we have in octopus. test2/test3 etc
  4. When deploying we’d like to be able to deploy multiple things at once, for example, “deploy the latest of Project1 and project2 to test2 UK, US and AU” - ideally we want to be able to take the latest build packages from teamcity and deploy them (if there is a new one) to test2 or test3. we don’t want to have to click on 30 or 40 green buttons, just 1 green button and the tool is smart enough to work out for us what needs to go where. This will likely mean there would be screens where we can define groups of deployments and environments
  5. Ability to schedule step4, so we can do this once per night
  6. With step 4 we also want to say "take everything that is in test2 - and put the EXACT SAME version into test3)
  7. Potentially have the ability to run SQL scripts for us, so we can set up a directory structure and it will execute everything inside this directory automatically for us in the middle of the night when we’re all asleep

Thanks & Regards,
Kapildev Gupta
Build and Release co-ordinator, Information Services
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Hi Kapildev,

Majority of what you are asking for would be done by a build server and outside of Octopus. (1-3) We recommend TeamCity but also Jenkins, TFS, VSTS.
Octopus can manage 4 by auto deploying from builds and a build server could be scheduled. (4-5)
Your 6 could be scripted to promote any releases to the next release
7 would require a SQL solution (there are a few) and you could use scheduled deployments to do this.

Warm Regards,