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Hi! User have scope to view and edit variables for project and environment, but there only part of variables in interface.
Also we tried to check in oldportal - there is no variables too.
Octopus version 2018.3.3

P.S. I cant find any way to make private post, so cant share exported users permissions and screenshots.

Kind Regards,
Alexander Yuzhanin

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Hi Alexander,

Thanks for getting in touch,

Based on the information provided in your query, it sounds like the Team the logged-in User belongs to isn’t scoped to the same environments in which the variables that you are seeing as missing are scoped too.

We’re still making some changes to the processes on our new support forum, at this stage, there isn’t an exact duplicate feature to mark posts as private as previously provided, so i’m sorry for the inconvenience, in the interim you can email at when sharing sensitive information.

In this scenario, if my previous assumption is incorrect, can you please send the following information via email for investigation?

  • An Export of the Test Permissions for the logged-in User, this can be done via Configuration > Test Permissions

  • A screenshot of the variables as they appear for a User who is able to see them

  • A screenshot of the variables as they appear for the User who is not able to view them

  • A screenshot of the Team scoping for the logged-in Users Team, viewable via Configuration > Teams

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this, your patience is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,


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