Upload to AWS S3 with JSON Configuration Variables


I’m trying to deploy a .NET Core API to an AWS AutoScalingGroup (EC2) from an Octopus Deploy project.
So I upload my package to an AWS S3 bucket, with extraction and variabilization.
And when an EC2 instance is poping, it will retrieve the API from the S3 bucket in order to install it.
I also use a CloudFormation step to deploy the AutoScalingGroup.

The step Upload to AWS S3 Template only provides Variables Substitution, but no JSON Configuration Variables.

Is there any way to get JSON Configuration Variables when pushing to as AWS S3 Bucket ?

Octopus Server Version : v2019.7.12



Hi @williamdiesny,

Thanks for reaching out. At the moment this feature is not available for the AWS S3 step, unfortunately.

I’m gonna bring this idea to the team and see what we all think about it. For the time being, the best you can do is submit this feature request in Uservoice so the community can speak up if they want this to get implemented.

Best regards,

Hi @williamdiesny

Just a quick update: We found this already existing UV which seems pretty related to what you are after (even though the title doesn’t look that obvious). Please drop your votes in that UV instead of creating a new one:


Hi @Dalmiro

Thanks for your reply.
I already voted for this UV.

I was wondering if there is any other solution to deploy .NET Core application to AWS EC2.

I tried to deploy and variabilize the package to the server first, but I’am unable to link it with an upload to S3 step.


Hi @williamdiesny,

We do not have a built-in step to download a file/package from an S3 bucket. So you might gonna have to create that step yourself using a Custom step template.


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Hi @Dalmiro,

Thanks for your advices. I created a custom step template based on Deploy a package step, and added the upload to AWS S3.

I had to install a tentacle on the server because this step need a target (whereas bundled AWS steps).

It works perfectly.

I joined an export of my custom step, if anyone need it :wink:
custom-upload-package-to-s3.json (3.7 KB)

Glad to hear that!