Upgrading from 2019.12.0 to 2022.4.8423

In the installation doc for sql version says 2016+, but I get an error ‘The version (12.0.4213) of your SQL Server doesn’t satisfy Octopus Server installation requirements. Octopus Server would not start if we allowed the upgrade to continue.’ when upgrading.
My sql server is 2016, I read in previous posts that the requirement for 2017 was turned back to 2016 in 2021. Please advise next steps. I am unable to upgrade database right now.

Hi @mamacdonald,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The SQL version it is detecting (12.0.4213) looks to be SQL Server 2014 rather than 2016.

Are you able to check the version of SQL Server that you are running to confirm this? Is it possible that an upgrade from 2014 to 2016 hasn’t completed correctly causing Octopus to detect the wrong version?


HI Paul,
I have fixed that problem, thanks for the help!


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