Upgraded Server Installation will not connect to Tentacles

Team -

We have upgraded our Octopus Server to version 1.4.0.x from a 1.0 release. The that are installed on our machines are from the 1.0 release as well. We initially had problems getting the server to run as it kept timing out when trying to Connect to RavenDB. After a few tries and after changning nothing it started working. The problem is now that it will not connect to any of the tentacles. I have upgraded one of the tentacles and made sure the certificates are the same so the tentacle knows which server to connect to. Still cannot get it to connect to the server when running health checks.

Also, when I try to add a machine to the environments by clicking “Add Machine” the page greys out like I should be seeing a popup but I get nothing. I was planning to try to manually add the machine that the tentacle is on so it would try connecting but can’t seem to get that to work either.



Brad Curry

Team -

It looks like I found some of the problem or at least I have an idea of what the problem is. All of my machines were removed from the Octopus Server configuration. Is this configuration stored in the file system outside of RavenDB? I would like to make sure we make a backup of it before trying this upgrade again.

I couldn’t add any machines to our configuration either. This was due to the fact that the javascript that the Octopus server was trying to use was erroring out. The only way I could get the add machine dialog box to work is by manually editing the DOM with Chrome’s developer tools.

I am attaching two images to show you what I’m talking about. Any direction you can give us would be quite helpful.


Brad Curry
Head of Core Development

Hi Brad,

I believe that you might have some JavaScript files from an old release laying around - can you delete any “.min.js” files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Octopus\Server\Portal\Scripts?

As far as the machines being missing, would you be free for a Skype conversation sometime where we can share screens and I can help to debug the issue? Or would it be possible to receive a backup of your database (you can send it to paul@octopusdeploy.com)? I’ll understand if that’s not possible.

The machines are stored within RavenDB so they will be included in backups. We made a change between versions where machines were nested under environments and now they are seperate, but the migration tool should have taken care of that for you.


Hey Paul -

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m thinking I can give this another try later this week. What day works best for you for a Skype session? Because we have some automated builds setup we had to roll back to our original snapshot of the server before I started the upgrade. I would be glad to go through the upgrade with you or at least start it and show you what results we end up with.

Let me know what works best for you.