Upgrade tentacle failed - Cancelled


When doing “Upgrade all machines” - or machines in a specific environment - It doesn’t start all upgrades at the same time, I don’t know what the number is, but say it’s 10. - This is ok.
However, when I have a lot of machines that need tentacle upgrades and one of the first, or one along the way fails, it halts the ones that didn’t start and cancels the task.

  1. Can’t you make it run all machines and then after report the broken ones instead of failing the full task immediately?
    -The reason I’m asking is that we recently upgraded Octopus to the newest version and the tentacles needed an upgrade, so I started the upgrade and went for lunch thought I would save some time. When I got back only 8 machines were upgraded instead of all minus the 2 broken ones.
  2. When this occurs the machines that were successfully upgraded doesn’t get updated accordingly in the environment tab making it run the upgrade on those machines again when doing “Upgrade all machines” unless I do a health check first.


Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry you are having these troubles. Unfortunately the upgrade system does have these issues when tentacles fail and it is something that is being worked on.
In the mean time, for machines you know that are upgraded, you can run an individual health check on them and they will show as updated and help you get through this.
We also have some functionality in the API that allows you to specify machines by name and run an update on them if you are interested to help you.


Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for the quick reply. Great to hear that this is being worked on, that’s all I can ask for!
About running the health checks - That’s how we currently do. Or disable the broken machines until someone gets time to fix them.